Eve Bunting Author Study

Here are some other Eve Bunting Books you may enjoy...

Eve Bunting has written over 250 books for children!  Bunting's books generally fall into three catagories: Picture books for older children (these make you think or teach a lesson) chapter books, and picture books for younger children  (just for fun!).   Below is a partial list of the books she has written that you may be interested in reading.

More Picture Books

Jin Woo
The Memory String
The Night Tree
Train to Somewhere
How Many Days to America?
Can You Do This, Old Badger?
Cheyenne Again

Other Fun Picture Books

Mother's Day Mice
Valentine Bears
Happy Birthday, Dear Duck
Hurry, Hurry
I Like the Way You Are
My Backpack

Chapter Books

The Man with the Red Bag
Nasty Stinky Sneakers
Summer of Riley
S.O.S Titanic