Eve Bunting Author Study

Fly Away Home

A young boy named Andrew spends each day hoping that no matter what, he won't be noticed.  As he and his father walk around the local airport they see and hear many different kinds of people.  One day the boy sees a bird trapped inside the terminal at the airport.  The boy feels a unique connection to this bird and cheers it on in its quest to get free.  How is it that a bird can offer hope when no one else can?

Smoky Night

This is a story about cats--and people-- who couldn't get along until a night of rioting brings them together. 

A young boy named Daniel and his mother hide in their apartment watching the smoke and fire outside caused by angry people looting and rioting in the streets.  Soon their own building is in danger of the fire and they must evacuate, but Daniel can't find his cat, Jasmine.  The neighbor, Mrs. Kim's cat is missing too.  The cats can't possibly be together, can they?  They don't get along at all.  Will Daniel be able to find Jasmine?  will the neighbors learn to get along?  Read this story to find out.

This story is based on the riots in Los Angeles in 1992.

The Wall

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"This is the wall, my grandfather's wall.  On it are the names of those killed in a war, long ago."

A father and his son travel from far away to visit Washington, D.C., and to visit the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.  During their visit, they search for the name of the little boy's grandfather, who gave his life for his country in a war before he was born.

The Wednesday Surprise

Anna is planning a surprise for her father's birthday.  She is so excited!  Every Wednesday, Grandma comes over with a "big, lumpy bag filled with books."  They read story after story each week to get ready for the big surprise.  On the big day, when all of the presents have been opened, Anna stands up to give Dad his birthday surprise, but what will it be?

Terrible Things

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Little Rabbit lives in a peaceful forest surrounded by many different kinds of animal friends...until the terrible things come.  What is happening?  Will little rabbit stop it?  Will he even be able to try?